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Laprozen - Compatible Lithium-ion Battery For


  • HP HS04 4C
  • HP CQ42 6C
  • Pavilion JC04 4C
  • HP OA04 4C
  • HP 8460P 6C
  • HP 4330S 6C
  • HP CA06 6C
  • Pavilion DV4/DV5 6C
  • HP VI04 4C
  • HP V3000,DV2000 6C
  • HP LA04 4C
  • HP Pavillion 14/15/17-AB000,
  • HP Ki04 4C
  • HP RA04 4C
  • HP RO04 4C
  • HP VK04 4C
  • HP FP06 6C
  • HP MO06 6C
  • HP PI06 6C
  • HP RI04 4C
  • HP 6520S 6C
  • HP 6700B 6C
  • HP 6720S 6C
  • HP NX6120 6C
  • Probook 4320s/4520s NB 6C



  • Dell 15R 6C
  • Dell Inspiron 3451 4C
  • Dell 3521 6C
  • Dell E6420 6C
  • Dell A840 6C
  • Dell E5440 6C
  • Dell 1564 6C
  • Dell E6220 6C
  • Dell E6400 6C
  • Dell E5400 6C
  • Dell N4020 6C
  • Dell Inspiron 1525 6C
  • Dell XPS14 6C
  • Dell 1535 6C
  • Dell V1310 6C


  • Aspire 4741/TM 4740 6C
  • Aspire 4310 6C
  • Acer AL12A32 4C
  • Acer AL14A32 3C
  • Acer D255 6C


  • Lenovo G400s/G405s/G400s 4C
  • Lenovo IdeaPad  B50-30
  • Lenovo IdeaPad B40-70 4C
  • Lenovo G460 6C
  • Lenovo X240 6C
  • Lenovo G430 6C
  • Lenovo G580 6C
  • Lenovo T440P 6C
  • Lenovo E430 6C
  • Lenovo T430 6C


  • Asus X200CA 3C
  • Asus X540 3C
  • Asus X451 4C
  • Asus X541 3C
  • Asus X550 4C
  • Asus A32A24 6C
  • Asus A32K52 6C
  • Asus A32K53 6C
  • Asus A32K55 6C


  • Toshiba L600 6C
  • Toshiba C850 6C
  • Toshiba A200 6C


  • Sony BPS26 6C
  • Sony BPS22 6C
  • Sony BPS13 6C
  • Sony BPS35 4C


  •  Samsung R-468 6C


  •  HCL C4500 6C


  •  IBM T410/SL410/SL510 6C


  • LG SQU805 6C

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Why Opt for Laprozen Laptop Batteries?

Why Opt for Laprozen Laptop Batteries?

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Extended Battery Life

Laprozen batteries provide longer-lasting power for extended usage.

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Universal Compatibility

Compatible with a wide range of laptop brands, Laprozen batteries ensure versatile use.

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Quality Assurance

Laprozen's commitment to quality ensures reliable and consistent battery performance.

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Quick and Easy Installation

Laprozen laptop batteries are designed for easy installation, providing hassle-free usage.

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Laprozen is a beacon of innovation and reliability in the IT industry, committed to delivering excellence and value. Rooted in the ‘Make in Bharat’ initiative, we strive to elevate customer satisfaction through top-tier productsThe brand’s inception was inspired by the ‘Make in India’ vision, aligning with the national drive for self-reliance. Laprozen boasts a diverse product range, from laptop screens to adapters, meticulously designed with cutting-edge technology. we ensure every Laprozen product embodies durability, performance, and customer-centricity.

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Yes, Laprozen accommodates bulk orders with competitive pricing. Contact our sales team for customized solutions.

Yes, Laprozen batteries are designed for universal compatibility, catering to diverse laptop brands.

Laprozen provides a one-year warranty from the manufacturing date, ensuring peace of mind for your business investments.

Laprozen ensures high-quality, reliable laptop batteries with personalized support, making it a trusted choice for businesses.

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